Fernando Valencia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is a documentary filmmaker and a visual anthropologist based in New York City. For the last ten years, he has participated in different productions mainly focus on social justice issues in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and The United States. These productions had been screened in film festivals, TV shows, digital platforms, universities, and cinema clubs.

In 2009 he obtained an honorable mention in the student category of the José Rovirosa Award for the short documentary film “Only one day”. In 2014 he produced the documentary “México Crossroads” for Al Jazeera English, and in 2018 he won the call for the 18th National Short Film Project Contest given by the Mexican Institute of Cinematography to produce his most recent piece “Seeds, The legacy of the Land”.

This short film tells the story of Camilo and Ramón, two campesinos who, inspired by the knowledge of their ancestors, conserve native maize seeds to share them and thus reproduce their knowledge. Aware of the importance of their seeds and their knowledge for the future of their families and communities, they work and take care of their land in the hope of finding other hands willing to preserve their legacy.