We are a New Latinx Art Collective, a multidisciplinary and intercultural art collective founded in 2019 by the participants of the 2018-2020 Creative Capital Taller NYC for Latinx Artists.

The New Latinx Art Collective is actively managed by 24 founding artists and includes 70 members. As a politically inclined collective, we aim to create a space for our community to come together, voice our ideas, gain visibility, and explore the Latinx identity in the US. The Collective endeavors to grow the voice of Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx artists to positively impact culture and society in the United States. Art is our tool to enhance visibility, comment, critically address, and emphasize the topics that affect not only the Latinx community, but also the different places we come from (Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, just to name a few).

We are aimed to create a community at large following a horizontal non-hierarchical communication model. As a collective, we are committed to create inclusive egalitarian systems that are replicable in the larger spectrum. Through feedback, surveys, and internal communication, we want to ensure everyone’s voice is taken into account. In our “juntas”, monthly meetings facilitated by different members each time, we debate essential topics that are in the foreground regarding the Latinx identity and community. The group is characterized by transparency, openness, inclusivism, diversity, and plurality.

The New Latinx Art Collective acknowledges the relevance of this historic moment, and the oppression BIPOC and POC communities have endured throughout history in The United States. We stand with our brothers of color as an inclusive Latinx collective. We understand the importance of civic practice throughout the next years, and we commit to participate to furnish a better, more sustainable, equitable, and imaginative future for Latinx people of all races.

About our origins:

We came together as selected participants of the Creative Capital’s Taller program in NYC, in partnership with the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at NYU, El Puente, and Casita Maria between 2018 and 2020. The program brought us together, and allowed us to better under-stand how to navigate the art ecosystem in NYC by focusing on our professional development and creating a fertile ground for horizontal collaboration. After the program ended, we realized about the importance of our collective space and time, and decided to continue with the mission of uplifting each other by focusing on our com-munities and generating impactful change. In a short period of time we started our monthly meetings, devised a group exhibition, and formed committees to develop our capabilities in joint effort. By supporting each other’s ideas, our voices resonate louder, and our impact increases the possibilities to walk in the path of social justice.